Frequently Asked Questions

What is TokenGrader?
TokenGrader is a collaborative effort amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts to provide individual and cumulative report cards for every available cryptocurrency and token.

What's the criteria/eligibility to grade?
Most enthusiasts will know their tokens well. Grade what you know and research to grade other tokens you don't. Both read and provide comments on grading criteria so we can all better understand why you're giving a grade to a particular token.

How do I grade?
You'll need to sign up free and verify your email address to grade anything. If you'd like to grade random tokens you'll visit and you'll be provided with a random token to grade (or skip). However, if you'd like to grade tokens you know, you can add the token ticker name to it:

What do I get for grading?
For one, you'll be helping to create a good, structured resource on the opinions about each cryptocurrency. Grading (and referring others) also gives you points which will be used for giveaways and airdrops in the future.

Some tokens are missing descriptions or websites. Can I add information to these tokens?
We'd love for you to help fill in the holes! Please use the contact form and send us an email with any additional token information you have.

Can I track my portfolio?
You can favorite any token you'd like and it'll be tracked in your account dashboard. For any of your favorites, you can add how many tokens you own of each and your overall portfolio can be tracked but that's completely optional. We don't ask for wallet/exchange info so you'll have to update your totals manually (but this makes it 100% safe). It's good if you're a HODL but probably isn't too beneficial if you're actively daytrading...

Where does your data come from?
All our token data is updated every 5 minutes or so from We also occasionally use CoinMarketCap as well.

What's on the roadmap?
We're looking to add multiple language/fiat exchange support, more account features, and provide community content/updates, and more. Got any ideas? We'd love to hear 'em! Send us an email.